Academic year 2017 – 2018

The 39 Weeks contract applies to an eligible student staying for the whole academic year, beginning on Saturday 16th September 2017 and ending on Saturday 16th June 2018. For students at Imperial College these dates are advanced forward by two weeks.

An eligible student is a full time male student, who is between 18 and 28 years of age at the beginning of the academic year for which he is applying, studying at a recognised educational institution in London or is undertaking a period of work experience or training as an integral part of their course.


Room typeWeekly feesDeposit
Main Hall £165£900
New Wing £175£900
En-Suites £215£1000

Long stay

Rates apply to an eligible student or guest staying for more than two weeks during term time. Fees must be paid in full upfront.

Room typeWeekly feesDeposit (less than 4 weeks stay)Deposit (4 or more weeks stay)
Main Hall £196£450£900
New Wing £210£450£900
En-Suites £250£500£1000

Short stay

Rate applies to an eligible student or guest staying fewer than two weeks during term time. Fees must be paid in full upfront.

RateDaily fees
Student rate£37
Guest rate£47
En-Suites £57

Summer stay

Rates applies to an eligible student or guest staying outside term time. Fees must be paid in full upfront. The type of room is based upon availability at the time. Specific room types cannot be requested upfront. Daily fees apply for stays fewer than two weeks (short stays). Weekly fees apply anything longer. Deposits are not required for short stays.

MonthDaily feesWeekly feesDeposit (less than 4 weeks stay)Deposit (4 or more weeks stay)
September £47 £235£450£900



Accepted payment methods

This is the preferred way of transferring money to our account. Transferwise offers a competitive exchange rate and low bank charges for the transfer. Copy and paste in the navigation bar link below for a first free transfer with Transferwise (for amounts over £200). You will be directly to the Transferwise homepage where you can find more information about the service they offer, the currencies they support and their and terms and conditions.

Bank transfers
National and international transfers should be made to the Netherhall House bank account. Please request our bank details to Netherhall House’s bursar and instruct your bank to pay for all the bank charges for the transfer, identifying the transfer with your name and the reference of the transfer (e.g. Joe Bloggs, Fees 2nd term)

Cheques should be made payable to “Netherhall House”.

Non-accepted payment methods


Cash payments must be made into the Netherhall House account at any HSBC branch. Please request bank details and if you are planning to make a payment. The closest branch to Netherhall House is: 122 Finchley Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 5JD. Please give your name and purpose of the payment and give the receipt of payment to the bursar.

Credit Cards
No credit card facilities are available at Netherhall House. However, you can make online transfer via Transferwise Bank transfer with most debit cards (for amounts over £200).