Facilities - Netherhall House


All standard students’ rooms are similar in size and appointments. Each room features: a single bed, desk, chair, lamp, sink, wardrobe, shelf space, cupboard space, one lockable cupboard for valuables. Seven semi en-suite rooms are available. These have all the features of a standard room, plus a shower. None of the bedroom doors have locks and the house Wi-Fi is not accessible in the bedroom areas.

Semi en-suite (7 rooms)

New Wing (37 rooms)

Main Building (42 rooms)


On each floor of the Main Hall and New Wing, there are two bathrooms with showers, toilets and wash basins. Bathrooms are cleaned five times per week and provide privacy for several users at a time.


The communal kitchenette area features two fridges, and two microwave ovens allowing residents to prepare basic meals.


The library provides residents with a study environment. A primary room in the house, all residents respect the library rules, observing silence in these areas. The library extension (laptop room) is located next to the library, and is designed for those using laptops. Wi-Fi is available in both rooms.

Wi-Fi and Printer

Wi-Fi access points are located in the common rooms of the house. This provides access to the internet and to the print service. Wi-Fi is not available in bedrooms.

The basement computer room contains two desktop computers and the printer. A printer credit system is used to regulate printing. An adjacent study room offers additional space for laptop use.


The oratory is a place of worship. Mass is said here Monday-Saturday by the resident Catholic Chaplain. The organ balcony allows residents access to the oratory at all times.

Sports Pitch

The outdoor sports pitch is available to use at most times. Sporting events and competitions are held here. The sports cupboard is located nearby and contains basic sporting equipment.

Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall can be used for indoor sports and general fitness activities. The table tennis table is used in this room. Social functions and receptions are held here.


A state-of-the-art auditorium which seats up to 140 people. Recitals, shows and film screenings are held here. Residents are welcome to practice with their own musical instruments in this room. There is a grand piano on the stage which is principally reserved for performances.


Talks, get-togethers and films are all held in the lounge. Equipped with sofas and a projector system with hi-fi, this room is a great place to meet new residents and make friends. Everyday after dinner or high tea, a 30 minutes get together takes place in this room. An adjacent coffee room with tea and coffee is opened during get-togethers.

Roof Garden

The roof garden is an extensive outdoor terraced area with tables and chairs. Used for socialising, barbeques and outdoor dining during the summer months.

Dining Room

The dining hall is open for breakfast and dinner on weekdays and for breakfast, lunch and high tea on weekends. For religious or dietary reasons, special diets can be catered for by the catering staff.

Coffee lounge

The Coffee lounge room has 5 round tables with space for 25 students. On weekends after lunch, tea and coffee is served there. Late dinners are eaten there on weekends. The Coffee lounge is also a space for socializing and having birthday cakes to mark the birthdays of residents.

Bicycle Garage and Car Park

Students are allowed to keep their bicycles in the docking points with capacity for over 15 bicycles inside the garage. If you wish to store your bicycle there, please fill in the online form. The car park can take up to ten cars.


Equipped with a Concept 2 (model D) rowing machine and two Keiser M3 spin bikes

Entrance and Visitors Rooms

The main entrance to the house is a communal and social area. A notice board informs residents of upcoming events and activities. There is seating in the main entrance, as well as in the two adjacent guest rooms. Visitors can be entertained in these rooms.