Netherhall has a large library and dedicated study rooms, WiFi and printing facilities.

Because a strong emphasis is placed on study to set the tone of the house, residents are expected to adjust their timetable to that of the house to foster a quiet atmosphere.


The guest speaker series invites authors, academics, and businessmen to broaden the horizons of the students’ knowledge, from the discovery of Richard the Third’s bones to the causes of the banking crisis.

Music recitals, presentations, formal dinners and shows make up the termly cycle.

Social Life

Trips are organised almost every weekend, visiting Cambridge, Winchester, The Chilterns, Brighton and the south coast. Each May a larger trip to the shrine of Walsingham is takes place.

Football games and cycling trips are among the regular sports activities. Clubs are run in the evenings, ranging from visiting real ale pubs to discussing topics of science.


Netherhall seeks to engender a community of mutual trust and fellowship. An essential part of the life at Netherhall is the family atmosphere which is built out of the small contributions made by each of the students living here.

The house offers daily get-togethers and common meals. Our experience of more than 60 years shows that in this setting long lasting friendships are formed among residents.

Religious Growth

The spiritual activities at Netherhall are entrusted to Opus Dei, a prelature of the Catholic church, whose aim is to encourage people to seek God through their daily work whilst living a fully Christian life.

A resident chaplain is available to all the students. There is daily Mass and monthly recollections at Netherhall along with and yearly retreats at Wickenden.


Latest Articles

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    An induction evening, New year 2017

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Upcoming Events

  1. Walsingham pilgrimage

    May 28 @ 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  2. Volunteering trip to Benbecula 8 to 16 June

    June 8 @ 10:00 am - June 16 @ 5:00 pm
  3. 65th Anniversary Reunion

    June 17 @ 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  4. Volunteering trip to Vietnam

    June 28 @ 8:00 am - July 16 @ 5:00 pm
  5. International English Summer Course

    August 2 - August 25
  6. 20th International Interdisciplinary Seminar

    January 4, 2018 @ 10:00 am - January 7, 2018 @ 10:00 am


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Geoffrey Lee : Manager (Policy Strategy), Ministry of National Development, Singapore

“Coming from the food paradise that is Singapore, my greatest worry was that Netherhall did not even serve a proper bowl of rice, which is anathema. For did not Our Lord say, Man does not live by bread alone? (I forget what comes next, but He must surely have referred to rice.) But God put me in Netherhall to learn this lesson – it is not what you eat, but who you eat with that truly matters. The years have gone, but fewer days have passed than the times I have looked at my dinner and thought – I would give this all up to break bread with all my friends from Netherhall again.”

Year/ Course: 1 year (2009-2010), BSC in International Relations, London School of Economics:

Prakash Singh : Assistant Professor of Economics, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (since July, 2011)

” I loved my 6 years in Netherhall House where I made friends for life, honed my work ethic and had fun at the same time. Netherhall House fosters intellectual excellence, artistic freedom and above all, the spirit for doing good by building a principled, idealistic and trusting community. During my time at Netherhall, we took part in invigorating debates, curious quiz shows, warm get togethers, public lectures by statesmen, fiesty cricket matches and walks to nearby Hampstead Heath. Coming from India, Netherhall was a home away from home and the clean, well planned and beautiful rooms in one of the best neighborhoods in London were a luxury. It has had a huge role to play in who I am today.”

6 years – 2005-2011. Completed final year of BSc. Economics at LSE, followed by MRes. Economics at LSE (2006-08) and PhD. Economics at LSE (2008-2011).

Bakht J Baryar : Director MER, Interstellar Multidisciplinary Consultants.

“Netherhall was more than just a residence for me; it was a life changing experience. I built friendships that will last a lifetime and learned more than I could have ever imagined. It was a complete support system for my stay in London and allowed me to develop intellectually, morally and spiritually. The get-togethers, dinners, talks and philosophical discussions have no doubt made me a better individual for which I am indebted to Netherhall. It is truly more than just a place to stay and I hope that it keeps on continuing its unique traditions in the service of society.”

2013-2015, Political Economy, King’s College London

Yang Xiao : Senior Editor at AirTime Weekly.

“At Netherhall you will find yourself at home. I like the “get together” (7:30 PM every evening). People here like to express and respect opinions on all topics, so that you could understand different cultures. Besides, I like the food at Netherhall. Please do not skip the Sunday’s breakfast.”

2012-2013 at City University London majoring in Political Communication.

Paul-Francoise Schira : Civil service fast streamer in France.

“The Netherhall House experience does not cease to nourish my professional and personal life. Professionally speaking, Netherhall House has taught me open-mindedness, rigorous studying, and a critical sense of analysing the question “why” on top of the question “how”. Personally speaking, Netherhalll House brought me spiritual tools to develop my faith, a balanced lifestyle, and a valuable thirst for true friendship. I would recommend it to any young man wishing to enjoy London.”

2008-2009 King College London, School of Law.

Alfred Otieno: .

“My words will not do justice to the time I spent at Netherhall but i might as well go ahead. It was home outside home. The warmth, the people. It was my second family outside Kenya because that is the next place I picked values that I will practice for life. i admired the attitude of service, stewardship and community. The way i carry myself in Kenya is now different even I parents wonder. They were joking about sending my younger brother also to Netherhall. Pray for money that it may actually stop being a joke.”

Project Management Analyst with General Electric. Support growth initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa.

Masters of Finance at Hult International Business School. NH between 2014 -2015